Thursday, January 17, 2013

Lyk, omg. Facebook suxxorz

I'm so tired of Facebook. I'm obviously addicted to it (because, who isn't?), but damn, I wish I could quit it. Before this past Presidential election, it was a barrage of "OBAMA'S TAKIN' OUR JORBS! DOWN WITH OBAMACARE! DID YA'LL KNOW HE'S ONE A DEM MUZLIMS?" Then everyone settled down for a minute. Now it's "OBAMA'S TAKIN OUR GUNS! ERMAHGERD!"

It's either relentless political crap that most of the people posting are too stupid to get right, or "look at my sick kid", "look at my kid taking a shit on a toilet", "look at my kid sticking jelly beans in his nose", "look at my kid's first mugshot". Seriously? No one cares. Build a handy blog like this one, so if I want to read about your kid pooping, I have to go searching for posts related to that, versus it being front and center every time I open my newsfeed.

Now I will proceed to tell you about my own little terror. He's getting a cold, which is making him a little mentally slow, and attitudinally (made-up words FTW) belligerent. He shit in his big boy panties tonight after I spent 5 solid minutes begging him to not do that. Then he lost his mind when I put him in the bathtub. Then he bargained with me to get out of bedtime, "mommy, I watch ONE more Bubble Guppies, den it's time for bedtime." And I caved, because letting him watch that 23 minute cartoon made him tired enough to not fight me when it was finally bedtime for reals. He made me read 3 books, then sing 2 songs before I could leave his room.

And now I'm writing this, avoiding Facebook, surfing Reddit, and feeling like a terrible person because I should be in my living room Wii Zumba-ing my fat ass off.

(Oh, also... we got a house in a suburb of Cleveland! My last day at the Pharm is Feb 2, and we'll be loading up all of our stuff on Feb 9. Hooray!)


  1. That's what happens when all your friends on facebook become mom's (I'm dealing with the same thing. ugh)

    1. I hope I don't annoy you. I try to only post goofy stuff my kid does/says, not how big his turd was this morning or whatever. :D